What Size Should A Removable Cat Door Be?

You can save some money if you measure your cat before you purchase a cat door. It is good for you as well as for your cat! Measure the height of your cat from the ground to the tallest point of its back. For the measurement of width, it is vital to open a door or block off a space so that your cat can walk through. You should measure the minimum width needed for your cat to easily walk through without having to squeeze.

While choosing a flap, you need to  keep in mind how high off the ground the cat door will be set up. This distance is called the Step Over. In order to ascertain the height of the flap top, you have to add the Step Over to the height of the flap. This measurement requires being no less than 1” taller than your cat’s height. Bear in mind that a lower Step Over is always easier for your cat, particularly as it gets older. As a yardstick, most cats will do fine with a 3”-5” step over. It may vary depending on type of the body and mobility range. Get  big savings when buying portable pet door and choose from our wide range of pet products at a reasonably low prices.

pet door for your cat

The following three easy steps should be observed to find out the right size of a removable cat door:

1. Width: You should measure the widest part of your cat – the hips or the chest, and then add 1 to 2 inches.

2. Height: You should measure the cat from the top of its shoulders to the bottom of its belly or chest, whichever will be the tallest part. And add 1 to 2 inches.

3. Select Size: Depending on the height and width of your cat, you have to choose which opening size of the flap suits the ease and comfort of your cat.